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A2Dominion is one of the UK’s leading housing associations.  A member of the G15, it manages over 38,000 homes and puts 100 per cent of its profits back into building new homes and providing services.

Responding to social trends around customer service, social value and the role of housing associations, A2Dominion appointed Camargue in 2019 to undertake a comprehensive strategic communications audit.  Camargue’s conclusions and recommendations helped to inform A2Dominion’s brand evolution and reputation – thereby supporting long-term resilience and growth.

The brief built on an existing relationship via the G15 and support Camargue had provided in response to a local reputational issue.  The communications audit was informed by dozens of senior stakeholder interviews, peer-to-peer analysis, staff surveys and workshops, and desktop research of the organisation’s profile in the media and political world.  We made a range of suggestions to help improve A2Dominion’s reputation with customers, partners, staff and stakeholders – along with practical, short-term actions to help the communications team implement our recommendations.

Camargue are leaders in affordable housing communications. Their in-depth knowledge of our sector and organisation’s purpose, combined with their research capability and strategic communications expertise, made them the ideal partner for this challenging and wide-ranging project.

Caroline Abomeli,
Group Director of Communications

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