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Buro Happold is a global practice of nearly 2,000 engineers, consultants and advisers operating in 24 countries. Founded on a culture of collaboration, innovation and sustainability, it has played a critical role in creating some of the world’s most iconic buildings.

Working with both the global and UK communications teams, our brief is to emphasise that role, ensuring Buro Happold’s ability to find solutions to even the toughest of design and engineering challenges is understood and amplified.

Drawing on both project case studies and the practice’s key areas of specialism, we position Buro Happold’s experts as critical thinkers and problem solvers. We turn their insights and experience into high quality media coverage that underlines their capabilities and drives growth in priority sectors such as aviation, sport and culture.

This is supported by sustained campaigns focused on areas where Buro Happold is driving change across the industry. Whether it’s working with the instigator of the construction sector’s climate emergency declaration or helping the practice’s higher education lead promote the link between student mental health and the built environment, we help Buro Happold’s experts shape opinions and inspire change.

"Camargue is more than just an agency we work with, they are a valued part of our team. They go beyond just delivering coverage, they also bring a flair of creativity and strategic counsel to our communications strategy."

Vanessa Talbot-Brown
Global Director of Marketing and Communications

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