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In what was the first national broadband project, BT and the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire county councils aimed to bring ultra-fast broadband to more than 6,000 homes and businesses across the Cotswolds in some of the county’s most difficult and isolated areas by 2017.

To help generate support, our design team created a new consumer brand that was engaging, easy to understand and appealing to local communities. Playing on the famous West Country accent (being heavy on the “Rs”), we created “Fastershire” together with a fluid script style logo, designed to reflect the fibre optic cable that would be used on the project.

For the initial launch, we created bus sides, advertising and display stands, as well as campaign materials tailored to specific regions. ‘Fastershire’ has become a recognised name and owned by the local communities, who are proud of the project and its ambitions.

"The team's creativity and expertise to develop the Fastershire brand has been invaluable. Their advice and direction helped shape the creative ideas that go way beyond just designing just a logo!"

Dawn Thompson
Fastershire Engagement Manager

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