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Our trees and woodlands are one of our most highly prized and best loved assets. The Forestry Commission plays a crucial role in managing, promoting and protecting the spectacular landscapes that these woodlands help to create.

Camargue is delivering a wide-ranging programme that targets business, schools and consumers. Our role is to help tell the woodland story, increase the enjoyment of visitors to these beautiful landscapes and to promote the sustainable use of timber produced in Britain. We’ve created eye-catching campaigns in the woods themselves and launched ‘Grown in Britain’ – the new standard for responsibly sourced timber.

Camargue’s work is changing how we view our woodlands and the way we source the versatile timber products they provide.

"Camargue has delivered a consistently excellent service to the Forestry Commission. The team has gone the extra mile in getting to know us and our business, building really strong relationships both nationally and locally. They research and plan their briefs intelligently, put forward attractive and well-structured proposals, and get stuck into the work with enthusiasm and flair. They are also responsive and flexible to changes in our needs and a pleasure to work with."

Mark Funnell, Head of Communications
Forestry Commission

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