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There is widespread acknowledgement of the need for new energy sources to help manage energy security, the UK boom in solar has come under increasing scrutiny from the government, councils, communities and the media.

Camargue has been working with Hampshire-based Hive Energy, leading its stakeholder engagement and public consultation activities, from announcement to submission. By overhauling communications materials, redesigning the website and producing a new suite of exhibition and consultation materials we’ve communicated the benefits of solar and demonstrated how the project will be a good neighbour to the local community.

Hive is now one of the country’s most successful developers, having delivered over 300 MW of large-scale solar parks across England.

"Camargue understands solar, and ensures every project is presented clearly and positively. And whether speaking with the local MP or with local people, I’ve seen for myself that they are knowledgeable, prepared and professional. They make a crucial good first impression with the people that matter, and then they maintain it. The future reputation of UK solar is bright in the hands of Camargue."

Reza Shaybani
Chairman, British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA)

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