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L&Q is one of the UK’s leading housing associations and residential developers, which creates thriving communities to suit a whole range of aspirations, incomes and stages of life.

We support L&Q by promoting Bolingbroke Park, its 212-home residential development in Cockfosters.

Our role is to bring the homes to life by developing buyer-led campaigns that showcase what it’s like to live at Bolingbroke Park – enjoying parkland living with a London lifestyle. We tailor our work to support specific sales and marketing priorities, promoting key milestones and the development and its amenities as a whole. This is dovetailed with profiling Cockfosters as an area, increasing recognition and awareness of this burgeoning Zone 5 hotspot. We identify the advantages that the area and development offers for everyone from first-time buyers and second-steppers to families and downsizers.

Acting as an extension of the L&Q team, our activity generates a consistently positive newsflow in high quality, national, lifestyle, local and social media, putting the development on buyers’ radars to drive profile and sales.

"Camargue has been essential in delivering a really robust PR strategy for Bolingbroke Park. We appointed Camargue, having previously struggled to gain press coverage. Once on board, Camargue set about identifying opportunities that would ultimately drive sales. As a result, coverage has gone up exponentially and our leads database has never been healthier."

Alice Turner, L&Q Marketing & Property Events Manager
Watch our case study with Katherine, a resident at Bolingbroke Park

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