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Camargue has used digital engagement channels at the centre of a high-profile communications programme for The Crown Estate, the £14.1 billion purpose-led UK business responsible for enabling the sustainable expansion of offshore wind energy.

We produced a series of digital events and workshops for both stakeholders and industry to set out thinking and capture views at key milestones. Alongside physical events, these digital engagement opportunities demonstrated The Crown Estate’s commitment to engage and strike a careful balance on the future use of our precious seabed.

Drawing on our in-house design and digital capability, we designed and produced materials including MP ‘digital first’ screen-friendly briefing documents to bring key aspects of the project to life using clear infographics and free-flowing virtual layouts. At announcement, eye-catching social media animations and graphics communicated key messages on offshore wind’s benefits to the UK.

Throughout, we have woven together physical and digital techniques in an integrated communications programme that has built understanding and trust, fostering a genuinely collaborative approach.

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