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The Get It Right Initiative (GIRI) is a group of industry experts and businesses dedicated to eliminating error in the UK construction industry.

Formed in 2017, GIRI’s research has identified an annual £10-25 billion loss to the industry as a result of error.  In response, the not-for-profit organisation seeks to improve the quality, productivity, safety and sustainability of construction by creating a working culture that focuses on getting it right first time.

Camargue was appointed by executive director Cliff Smith in March 2021 to review GIRI’s communications strategy, provide advice on how to raise the member organisation’s profile, achieve cut-through among key audiences and amplify its voice in industry debate.

Our communications review involved interviewing GIRI board members and member organisations from contractors to architects, clients to consultants, as well as reviewing GIRI materials, training and events, to inform our strategic advice.

Working with the in-house team, we started delivering our recommendations in July 2021, including a consultation response to the Building Safety Bill, blogs and media comment pieces on how a zero-error approach supports net zero, productivity and building safety.

"Camargue uses its media and public affairs expertise to elevate GIRI’s profile and help us to achieve our goal of changing working cultures to reduce error. The team’s construction industry knowledge means they can effectively translate our research and industry experience for key stakeholders, resulting in improved understanding of the GIRI message throughout the sector."

Cliff Smith
Executive Director of GIRI

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