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Innovation drives new ways to consult face to face

Camargue has developed a new approach and one-stop shop for delivering public consultations and stakeholder engagement in a world where people cannot physically meet. Find out more here.

Behind our online consultation offer is a set of principles for taking public consultation and stakeholder engagement online without losing important face to face interaction.

By combining our inhouse digital, programming and communications capability we provide a single point for consultation and engagement, making sure you can still connect to the right audience and continue to carry out effective consultation.

We find ourselves in a challenging space for engagement, but we can help you navigate these necessary restrictions on our everyday lives, so you can still carry out meaningful consultation and crucially, keep to programme.

Camargue can manage the whole process from development of messaging, set up and hosting of interactive digital platforms, through to online public consultation, publicity, plus stakeholder engagement, feedback analysis and reporting.

This negates the need for multiple suppliers, ensuring consistency and cohesion.

Our approach to enabling online, face to face consultation during this challenging time is the result of combining our skill and expertise in digital strategy and implementation with our extensive knowledge and experience in delivering successful public consultation and stakeholder engagement programmes across the UK.

If you’d like to know more about Camargue’s new approach to online consultation, find out more here or please contact:



Ben Copithorne
Email: bcopithorne@camargue.uk
Mobile: 07968 748125


Mike Conway
Email: mconway@camargue.uk
Mobile: 07860 349424


Matt Sutton
Email: msutton@camargue.uk
Mobile: 07875 523779

Or see our toolkit here: Camargue Covid19 Consultation Response