I’m sure it’s not just me humming one of the Forces’ Sweetheart, Dame Vera Lynn’s, most famous songs this week.

And I have Her Majesty to thank for it. The Queen nailed her historic address to the nation about the coronavirus in just four words: ‘We will meet again’.

A simple message, perhaps, but one so doused in hope, promise and togetherness, not to mention a large sprinkling of nostalgia and poignancy. Calling on memories of the past to influence how we behave today in the face of the current monumental challenge.

We need strong communications now more than ever. We need to think about how our words and actions can unite and inspire, particularly when so much is out of our control. We need to show resilience, respect and kindness.

We need strong leadership and to be strong leaders. We need to receive and put out clear messaging. We need to be flexible, to adapt and change.

That’s why the Queen’s broadcast sparked such a huge reaction from the 24 million people who watched it; it was all these things and more. A welcome source of inspiration to us all.

Sophie King headshot

Sophie Griffiths is an account director at Camargue