You can’t beat the power of being intrigued. Learning, exploring, and travelling new roads is what makes life fascinating.

The same is true of work and it’s an experience we always strive to create at Camargue. We love our teams to ask questions, be curious and push their boundaries. And we encourage them to learn and test themselves.

If someone comes to us and says, “I’d like to find out more about this”, our answer is usually yes.

We love it when our people get out to events, listens to podcasts, get creative, and build their knowledge of how our industry works. It’s a key part of what makes us good consultants.

When it comes to development and training, we set people new challenges to help them develop in public relations. We show them the skills we expect of the different roles in our business and help them to get there through regular appraisals and setting personal objectives.

But growing as a PR professional is about so much more. It’s about coming together, talking, debating and learning how colleagues have overcome challenges and achieved goals. It’s about trying new things and learning new skills, whether that’s writing, film making, web building, presenting or podcasting.

We do that through lots of different ways. Our regular HeadStart sessions cover learnings, topics and insights from people in our agency and from guest speakers in our key sectors. We hold training sessions bringing our teams together from across the business to focus on new skills and build connections. We encourage our colleagues to take part in the initiatives we’re part of – like the Mayor’s Fund for London – to share their own knowledge and broaden their horizons. And we work in teams with directors and graduates, and everyone in between, sitting together so they learn from one another every day of the week.

If you’re up for learning, we think we have the right culture for you. If you’re curious, you’ll always be welcome at Camargue.

Greg Philmore headshot

Greg Phillimore is a director at Camargue