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Historically, London is a collection of villages. With so much development on the horizon Berkeley Homes wanted to investigate why creating new villages is so important to maintaining the fabric and character of the city and what Londoners are looking for to meet their needs in a modern village environment.

Working with the London School of Economics, Berkeley commissioned a report to investigate these issues. The report found that there are six key characteristics developers need to keep front-of-mind when attempting to create new urban villages. It also called for developers to take the lead on community engagement so that life is breathed into, and sustained, in each of these new places.

It championed the need for local authorities to demand more from the housebuilding industry to embed community activities in the cultural make-up of these new villages and ensure that they are self-sustaining and strong long after the developer has left the site.

Camargue launched the LSE report: New London Villages, to national media and secured a range of detailed briefings with journalists to discuss its recommendations and implications and how these are already being translated into action by Berkeley. Media coverage of the report has included an in-depth feature in The Times alongside feature and news-led pieces in technical property and trade press for both Berkeley and the London School of Economics.