To me, employee ownership is all about empowerment and collaboration. Employees owning the majority of Camargue is really exciting because it really does put the business’s destiny in our hands.

It gives new meaning to success, and good performance. Those things have of course always mattered greatly, but now they should matter even more. Now, we all have a direct relationship with Camargue’s direction, because it’s our direction too. If that isn’t empowering in the professional sense, then I don’t know what is.

People are what make Camargue, and the work we do for our clients, so strong.

There has always been a great culture of collaboration here – it’s partly what drew me to Camargue over four years ago, and is certainly what’s kept me here since. So forging a path forward that puts the interests of people first seems like a natural step, in a very exciting direction.

I’m particularly excited about playing a role in our new employee-owned reality too, as an employee representative on the trustee board.

The voice of Camargue employees has always been held in high regard but formalising this dialogue with the management and operations boards, alongside the insight and guidance of our independent trustees, takes that on to new meaning. I hope this forum will become a crucial space for success, in everyone’s eyes.

It's early days and everyone – directors, employees, the trustee board – is still learning about what employee ownership will bring.

But learning is a collective effort, and because we’re so good at working together, I’m optimistic about what’s in store for Camargue and all its people on this exciting new path that we’ve set out on.

Written by Roxanne Blake, senior account manager at Camargue.