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Our people

Drawn from a range of backgrounds and professions, our people are some of the brightest and most talented communications advisors in the industry.

Executive team

Luke Aldridge
Luke Aldridge Account Manager
Emily Barnes
Emily Barnes Account Director
Rupert Bickham
Rupert Bickham Account Executive
Roxanne Blake
Roxanne Blake Account Manager
Jonny Brownsteen
Jonny Brownsteen Account Manager
Stephanie Byrne
Stephanie Byrne Account Director
Bethan Cawte
Bethan Cawte Senior Account Executive
Mike Cheshire
Mike Cheshire Account Director
Georgia Cooksey
Georgia Cooksey Account Executive
Harriet Crosby
Harriet Crosby Account Manager
Matthew Evans
Matthew Evans Account Executive
Stuart Fox
Stuart Fox Consultant
Sophie Griffiths
Sophie Griffiths Account Director
Catherine Grindley
Catherine Grindley Associate Director
Ellie Hainsworth
Ellie Hainsworth Account Executive
Pippa Hanson
Pippa Hanson Senior Account Manager
Charlotte Hart
Charlotte Hart Account Manager
Flo Holt
Flo Holt Account Executive
Hetty Hopkinson
Hetty Hopkinson Account Executive
Dan Knight
Dan Knight Associate Director
Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis Account Executive
Matt Lloyd
Matt Lloyd Associate Director
Lottie Marsden
Lottie Marsden Senior Account Executive
Beth Motley
Beth Motley Associate Director
Thomas Parfitt
Thomas Parfitt Senior Account Executive
Alistair Parker
Alistair Parker Account Manager
Michael Philps
Michael Philps Senior Account Manager
Richard Pia
Richard Pia Senior Account Manager
Kai Pritchard
Kai Pritchard Account Director
Ashley Rudge
Ashley Rudge Account Director
Will Scawn
Will Scawn Associate Director
James Snowdon
James Snowdon Account Director
Isabel Stanley-Wickett
Isabel Stanley-Wickett Associate Director
Neil Stanwix
Neil Stanwix Senior Account Manager
Giles Venn
Giles Venn Senior Account Manager
Katherine Wingate
Katherine Wingate Account Manager