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FirstPort is the largest property management company in the UK, responsible for over a quarter of a million homes across more than 5,000 developments.

Reform in residential property has attracted significant attention in parliament and garnered a great deal of media coverage. Camargue’s helped FirstPort stay on top of the changing political landscape and actively contribute to the debate around policy reform.

We oversaw a strategic public affairs and political engagement campaign, focused on navigating and influencing dynamic policy agendas including building safety regulation, cladding remediation, and leasehold and commonhold reform.

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The programme supported FirstPort’s position as a champion of positive change for homeowners. It provided public affairs consultancy and advice, helping FirstPort engage with ministers and civil servants, respond to consultations and calls for evidence, and to stay up to speed with monitoring and intelligence.

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Through this work Camargue also helped FirstPort’s strategic external communications planning and its long-term commercial aspirations, using public facing campaigns and media work to speak directly to current and prospective client groups.

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Lucy Blanchard

Director of Marketing and Communications


Camargue has been a critical partner to us during a period of great change, helping us to effectively communicate our support for positive industry reform.

"They really know their stuff, are creative, energetic, collaborative and a pleasure to work with. They understand what we need, guide us and are always anticipating. We feel incredibly well supported."

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