London Borough of Hounslow.

Supporting the local authority in its ambitions to prevent homelessness

As with many local authorities, homelessness is a critical issue in the London Borough of Hounslow – causing emotional and economic upheaval for residents and costing the council dearly.

To help tackle the issue, Camargue worked closely with senior council officers to understand the specific challenges facing the local authority. Recognising the importance of early prevention, we created a public-facing behavioural change campaign to increase self-referrals of those at risk in the borough.

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Our design team developed a brand identity and a suite of campaign materials to raise awareness of the warning signs of homelessness among residents.

We created print and digital posters to be displayed around the borough and a case studies-led animated film, explaining in simple terms the common causes of losing one’s home – including domestic violence and tenant evictions

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The campaign was launched at an event attended by key stakeholders across the community, London councils and central government, and promoted through social media and the council’s resident-facing channels

Lourdes DeBarry

Director of Housing

London Borough of Hounslow

Camargue created an engaging campaign which helped us communicate effectively with residents, creating crucial messages about homelessness prevention to our borough residents.

They understood our objectives and applied their expertise in helping us to present complex issues in a simple manner, which gave the campaign a freshness that successfully resonated with our borough residents. The Camargue team worked closely with us, were always proactive and provided valuable advice, guidance and hands-on support where needed to make the campaign a success.

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