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Supporting integration and raising the profile of Stantec’s community development offer

Stantec is a global, interdisciplinary consultancy helping to plan, design, deliver and manage many of the most transformational projects across the UK’s built environment, energy and infrastructure sectors.

Camargue works with Stantec to raise the profile of its UK community development offer and the expertise of its team. This ranges from supporting expert thought-leadership content for national, broadcast, trade and regional media, and Stantec’s digital channels, to building its teams’ networks in the built environment sector.

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Planning and design consultancy Barton Willmore first appointed Camargue eight years’ ago to help grow the firm’s reputation as an industry leader – profiling the knowledge, forward-looking opinions and insight of its experts – and offering broader strategic communications advice to the business. In 2022, Stantec acquired Barton Willmore, with an ambition to combine their community development expertise to provide a more holistic approach to delivering sustainable, healthy and prosperous communities.

Camargue’s brief evolved during this transition – supporting the integration of the two businesses, retaining the unique voice of Barton Willmore’s experts, and combining this with the expanded Stantec offer and professionals to help establish the strengthened community development service.

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Jenni Montgomery

Infrastructure Strategy & Business Development Director


The Camargue team has always played a crucial role in supporting our business development strategy.

Having worked closely with them for more than eight years, we constantly draw on their considered advice and hands-on support, as well as their networks and sector knowledge. For Barton Willmore, and now for Stantec, Camargue has helped our teams articulate their opinions and expertise effectively across a wide range of topics.

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