Energy, resources and decarbonisation.

Energy generation, transmission and storage is changing more rapidly than at any time since the industrial revolution and Camargue is helping our clients to communicate that change.

Working on projects as diverse as large scale solar, nuclear and fusion new build to offshore wind, carbon capture, hydrogen production, energy from waste and battery storage, we've spent years building our market-leading levels of expertise and helping our clients manage strategic, reputational, political and regulatory challenges.

As the country targets a Net Zero future, we appreciate the massive task ahead and the challenges that need to be overcome. Evolving our energy mix will not come without challenges as the critical infrastructure we need and the impacts that come with it start to be understood more keenly by communities and stakeholders across the UK.

However you look at it, there's a steep hill to climb in the coming decades but will continue helping our energy clients to increase understanding, bust myths and build consensus.

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