The UK housing sector is one filled with opportunity, controversy and complexity. On the one hand, a compelling need for new, more energy efficient and sustainable homes, and on the other, challenges and debate around the constraints of the current planning system, and the best way to tackle the retrofit and upgrade of Britain's ageing housing stock.

Camargue is at the heart of these issues and is proud to play a positive part in a sector that effects all of us, in some way. We work with large scale master planners on urban regeneration, and support developers in securing planning consent and engaging local communities and start ups in meanwhile uses and placemaking. We collaborate with housing associations to improve tenant engagement, support delivery against Tenant Satisfaction Measures and communicate on the big issues, and help the young, old, well off and vulnerable have somewhere to call home, supporting retirement villages, student accommodation, social rent, Shared Ownership and private market housing alike.

We are tapped into national and local policy, and understand the sensitivities and nuances at play, no matter how or where we're operating. Our support for these businesses takes many forms - from ongoing corporate communications support covering brand building, and residential sales to ring-fenced projects helping our clients navigate issues around building safety, damp and mould.

Whether you want to build homes, improve homes, or promote homes, influence policy and thought leadership, or ensure you're tapped into local communities, and national stakeholders, we're the team for the job.

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