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Big data, privacy and the ethical use of personal information are increasingly prominent issues which the Market Research Society (MRS) is tackling in its role as the world’s leading authority for the sector.

Camargue works with MRS to develop a leadership position on issues that matter to its members, the economy, broader society and the political establishment. By helping MRS to set the agenda, Camargue has been able to raise awareness of the role and contribution which market research makes to both business and civic society.

We provide strategic advice on messaging, drive the communications around the MRS’ industry-leading annual awards and conference, and advise on its thought leadership reports – delivering integrated communications by working as an extension of the in-house team.

By working alongside MRS’ chief executive officer, Jane Frost CBE, we create the opportunity for MRS to speak directly to peers, members and the broader business and political community via the media at broadcast, international and local industry level.

"Camargue is essential to our objective of growing appreciation and awareness of what the Research Sector is and its value to the UK. Adept at spotting opportunities and swift to respond, they have also proved as effective at handling emergencies and crises. We have a very long and fruitful relationship with Camargue."

Jane Frost CBE, Chief Executive
Market Research Society

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