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Seizing on the nation’s growing thirst for coffee and the desire for high quality, affordable hotels, Whitbread, owner of Premier Inn and Costa, is now one of the UK’s largest occupiers. It has over 2,800 hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, and its sights are set on future expansion.

Camargue has worked with Whitbread to build its profile and articulate its vision. As a result, when the business identifies desirable new sites, it is now welcomed by developers and landowners across the UK. By actively engaging the supply chain, Camargue directly contributes to the business’s successful national expansion.

We also support Whitbread in launching new ideas and formats such as ‘hub by Premier Inn’, an innovative concept for city centre hotels. Whitbread enlisted Camargue’s support to position the brand successfully alongside the established Premier Inn offer.

Our in-depth understanding of both the development process and of Whitbread’s specific needs, means that we can offer advice from the local and community level through to engaging with national industry and government stakeholders.

"Camargue has brought great focus and structure to all of our external property communications. Its ability to provide a reliable, effective and creative service helps us to achieve our growth and commercial objectives."

Mark Anderson, Managing Director
Property, Commercial & Premier Inn Germany, Whitbread Hotels & Restaurants

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