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When servicemen and women are injured it is vital that they are treated with the best possible medical care and compassion. The Defence & National Rehabilitation Centre is a unique establishment: a state of the art medical rehabilitation centre that will provide injured troops with a place to recover and begin rebuilding their lives, as well as a national resource for research and disability support.

Camargue worked with the Defence & National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC) to secure planning consent to build this transformational facility on the Stanford Hall Estate, near Loughborough.

Drawing on our experience of managing complex and sensitive projects, our role was to direct and manage the communications strategy from start to finish. This meant providing strategic advice on the pre-application consultation and community engagement through to external communications with the media. Planning permission was granted to deliver the centre, which will be vital in transforming clinical rehabilitation in the UK and strengthen the Midlands’ reputation as a centre of medical excellence.

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